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What is black wire cloth?

Oct. 29, 2019

When people first hear the word black wire cloth, they usually have such doubts: is black wire cloth a black cloth, or is it related to the fabric we usually see, but it is not black. Black wire cloth, also known as iron cloth, iron wire cloth, wire mesh; is made of low carbon steel burning wire. Black wire cloth English: Black silk cloth or Black wire mesh. Due to the different weaving methods, it can be divided into: plain weave black wire cloth, diagonal weave black wire cloth, herringbone weave black wire cloth, and mat type black wire cloth.

The black wire cloth has the characteristics of uniform mesh, flat mesh surface, long service life and wide application. The product of black wire cloth can be said to be widely used in our life, automobile manufacturing, food industry, chemical industry, mining industry, aerospace field, screening of granular powder, filter gas, such as black wire cloth extruded filter, and also used in various molds, and The traditional other building decoration materials are cheaper and of better quality than the new black wire cloth.

Black Wire Cloth

Black Wire Cloth

We must choose the regular when buying black wire cloth. The quality of the black wire cloth mesh on the market is generally uniform, and the mesh surface is relatively flat. In comparison, the quality is generally low or the quality of the black wire cloth, the mesh distribution is uneven, the mesh surface is concave and convex, we can distinguish the quality of the black wire cloth with the naked eye. When purchasing, choose a good quality black wire cloth, we are not only more convenient to use, and the good black wire cloth has a long service life. If the quality of the black wire cloth purchased is not good, then it will be replaced every new time. Black wire cloth, so good quality black wire cloth can help us greatly save the cost of frequent replacement. When consumers buy black wire cloth products, don't try to buy cheaper products, so that they can buy unqualified quality. The product, it will not be worth the loss.

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