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What Are The Benefits Of Copper Wire Galvanizing?

May. 13, 2019

As a Baling Wire Manufacturer, let's share with you the benefits of galvanizing lines. The galvanized copper wire has the basic characteristics of a galvanized wire. It is not easy to oxidize. Play a protective role. There is also a copper wire after galvanizing which has a small electrical resistance. Surfaces of other materials are coated with a layer of zinc for surface treatment techniques that are aesthetically pleasing, rust-proof, and the like. Most metal materials are mainly hot dip galvanized.

Zinc is soluble in acid and soluble in alkali, so it is called an amphoteric metal. According to the effect of not easily oxidizing in the air, in the moist air, a dense basic zinc carbonate film is formed on the zinc surface. In the atmosphere containing sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide and marine, the corrosion resistance of zinc is poor, especially in the atmosphere containing high temperature and high humidity containing organic acid, the zinc coating is easily corroded. The standard electrode potential of zinc is -0.76V. For the steel matrix, the zinc coating is an anodic coating. It is mainly used to prevent corrosion of steel. The protective performance of the zinc has a great relationship with the thickness of the coating. It is these effects that allow the zinc coating to be passivated, dyed or coated with a matting agent to significantly improve its protection and decorative properties. Galvanized Wire has many applications on the market.

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