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[Wire mesh for sale]What are the categories of wire mesh?

May. 23, 2019

What are the categories of wire mesh?

Wire mesh classification

IOWA Barbed Wire Manufacturer shares that wire mesh is a large classification of a class of silk fabrics, also known as wire mesh.

According to the material

Wire mesh, stainless steel mesh, copper wire mesh, rare metal mesh, etc.

By weave:

Plain weave mesh, twill weave mesh, mat weave mesh, first after rolling, first after rolling. From the production process classification can be divided into: woven mesh, welding mesh, punching mesh, punching pull mesh (steel mesh).

According to the function:

Filter net, guardrail net (highway guardrail net, railway guardrail net), mine screen, window screen, anti-theft net (meige net), protective net, stainless steel mesh belt, etc.

IOWA Barbed Wire Manufacturer

Screen mesh screen content such as common sense, include: mesh, PVC coated wire, welded wire mesh, stainless steel net, punching net, steel net, fence, fence mesh, crimped wire mesh, window screening, copper mesh, black wire cloth, square wire mesh, barbed wire, hexagonal wire netting, mesh, heat supply network, gelizha, Meg nets, square wire mesh, plastic mesh, weaving nets, galvanized hook flower net, safety nets, razor wire, barbecue nets, nylon nets, mesh, pet cages, mesh cloth, building network, oil with nets, wire, steel wire, iron wire, copper wire, galvanized wire, etc. Tens of thousands of pieces of information.

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