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Welded razor mesh rolls on sale

Jul. 01, 2019

Following the welded razor mesh rolls supplier China would like to share you the razor barbed wire/razor wire in detail.

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Excellent function: the product USES high quality raw materials, and through special surface treatment, high corrosion resistance. Products enjoy 10 years of quality assurance.

Simple device: no special accessories are needed when the product is installed. It is easy to hold, simple and convenient to reduce the cost.

Appearance treatment: process galvanized steel belt, steel wire + high adhesion electrostatic polyester spraying color nearly 200 kinds of color and frosted appearance treatment

Can offer to choose encircle net device method :(optional) direct landfill type device passes flannel device safety fittings on parapet wall or cement ground surface (optional) according to place safety protects a requirement, encircle a net to be able to add elbow, thorn, tiger thorn.

Razor Barbed Wire

Structure: high strength cold wire drawing and low carbon steel wire welding through the hydraulic molding, with the link attachment and steel pole fixed.

Features: high strength, good steel, beautiful shape, wide vision, simple device, feel bright, easy.

Product advantages: suitable bending, contributed to this product is unique and beautiful effect, and the appearance of a variety of color jinsu processing, such as yellow, green, red, the deployment of columns with different mesh color is pleasing, with this product choose chassis column, more device just make good expansion bolt, very convenient.

1. Material: Q235 low-carbon cold-drawn steel wire

2. Silk warp: 2.8mm--6.0mm

3. Mesh: 50mmx 50mm (rhombic hole) or 50mmx 50mm (square hole) or 70X50 rectangular hole

4. Anticorrosive treatment: all impregnation

5. Scale: 2.3mx 3m

Product advantages: excellent protection function, small area, add useful space, light transmittance, low requirements for auxiliary lighting facilities

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