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What are the characteristics of air filter net

Jul. 20, 2019

Following the single layer disc filters supplier would like to show you the characteristics of air filter net.

1. Special structure: the air filter screen of air conditioner has a special structure, mainly adopting the concave and convex honeycomb design, which can be used in both air filtration and sewage filtration system.

2. Can be repeatedly cleaned: air conditioning filter can be repeatedly cleaned, so as to save costs.

From the classification of air conditioning filter, can be divided into three-dimensional air conditioning filter and bedroom air conditioning filter. Three-dimensional air conditioning filter, composed of three layers of filter, the first layer is dust net, the second layer is activated carbon net, the third layer is to strengthen the network, replacement frequency is one or two months. The other is a bedroom air conditioning filter, divided into two layers, the first is activated carbon network, the second is to strengthen the network, replacement frequency and three-dimensional air conditioning filter is the same.

single layer disc filters

For the maintenance of air conditioning filter screen and maintenance methods, to maintain the normal use of air conditioning units, we must pay attention to daily maintenance.

Maintenance cycles depend on how often you use them, and if you use them a lot, you should reduce the time between maintenance intervals. Air conditioning filter cleaning process should pay attention to the water temperature, not more than 40 degrees Celsius, and to use professional detergent cleaning, so as to ensure the cleaning effect. Of course, after cleaning can not dry, can use the natural way of drying, pay attention to the location of the air conditioning unit in the assembly process, must see how the air flow surface is placed, if put upside down will affect the use of the effect, these are the use of air conditioning filter screen should pay attention to matters.

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