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How To Identify The Quality Of Filter Discs?

Apr. 03, 2019

Filter Discs has the characteristics of stable filtration and fineness. May also be designed and manufactured according to user needs of different kinds of stainless steel mesh products.

How to identify the quality of Black Wire Cloth?

1. The interweaving between the warp and weft threads of this net isn't robust and tight. When the fingers are moved down and up several times, the warp and weft threads will have apparent  loose displacement.

2. The network is severely skewed, and after professional measurement, the latitude and longitude of Plain Weave Wire Cloth are not straighter than 4 degrees.

3. In the inspection process, there is a large area of creases on the surface of the mesh, and these creases should also be judged to be unqualified when they cannot be restored to the flat condition after passing through the wire mesh and pressure countermeasures.

4. If there is a large mesh hole difference between the longitudes, it should be regarded as unqualified.

5. Large area density is poor.

Filter Discs

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