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How To Prevent Galvanized Wire From Getting Dark?

May. 08, 2019

The galvanizing line often turns black, affecting its aesthetics. In the process of galvanizing, how to avoid and prevent this problem has always been a research topic of experts. As an IOWA Barbed Wire Manufacturer, we believe that the main reason is that the air, the impurities in the steel plate, and the hygiene of the construction personnel will affect the galvanizing of the galvanized sheet.

Some simple treatments can prevent Galvanized Wire from darkening or prolonging discoloration during the manufacturing process: if the workplace is dry, reduced and chemical free, the operator wears clean gloves. In addition, hot dip zinc can be required to be passivated after immersion in zinc. The passivated zinc has a good anti-tarnishing effect and can effectively prolong the time of discoloration. The discoloration problem of Galvanized Wire should be solved.

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