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How to do the rust corrosion of the barbed wire fence?

Oct. 16, 2019

Barbed wire is widely used in the steel structure industry, industry, agriculture, construction, transportation, mining, etc. Mainly used in building walls, concrete structures, high-rise residential buildings, plays an important role in the external thermal insulation system of the external wall, set the heat inside the galvanized iron wire mesh polystyrene board building, a surviving external wall insulation board and wall. After the mold is removed, the insulation board is combined with the wall body, thereby saving manpower, time and cost of installation. Electro galvanized steel wire mesh frame polystyrene board, light weight, convenient construction, outer surface can be used for bricks, easy to operate, and can also be used for winter construction.

What should I do if the barbed wire fence is rusted?

After the rusting and corrosion appearance of the highway guardrail network, how to deal with it, presumably this is our topic of care. Considering that the traffic volume of highways is relatively dense, most of them usually choose to close the opportunity at noon or some roads, and carry out road-to-section road construction protection, which involves the maintenance and protection of the two-way highway fence network, the timely replacement of rust and corrosion images, and the way. The scale of the fence and so on. After a large area of rust, it is necessary to carry out detailed disposal according to the rust area. The detailed steps are as follows:

First, record the detailed scale of the rusted highway fence and use the hammer to test the detailed patience on the fence. If there is a large area of paint lacquer or corrosion, then the road fence has been proven. It is severely corroded, and the degree of weakness of internal metal elements can be imagined. The best way is to replace the waste fence mesh products in time. According to the detailed road construction area, the new network bar is used to carry out the practical device to ensure the stability of the two sides of the column. The method of welding, galvanizing and electric welding is used to evenly spread the nets to prevent the rainwater from forming. damage.

Secondly, the rusted net bar should also be cleaned up in time and sorted back. Because it is attributed to the common high-speed enclosure construction materials, it still has a larger scope of application after professional recovery and degradation treatment. In the meantime, the galvanized and electroplated spray anti-corrosion layer on the surface of the road fence is mainly made of oxide layer paint. In the process of producing the road network fence, a layer of anti-corrosion equipment will be evenly applied on the top, which is more conducive to improving the anti-corrosion effect of the highway fence network.

In the end, if you want to dispose of the ordinary anti-corrosion of the highway fence network, the regular maintenance protection is one of the missing links. The fixed-time protection will be used to carry out the professional separation of the road fence products, and the road protection construction personnel During the regular inspection of the expressway, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the fences on both sides are damaged, open welded or severely corroded. This kind of question is presented, and the high-speed road handling center should be promptly sent to the professional protection personnel. Site finishing, replacement or other aspects of maintenance work. In general, the highway guardrail network is a guarantee to ensure high-speed and smooth traffic. To deal with the problem of high-speed traffic construction, it is necessary to start from the road fence at the bottom.

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