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How Should Black Wire Cloth Be Preserved?

Apr. 15, 2019

As a Black Wire Cloth Factory, let us introduce the problems that should be paid attention to when anti-corrosion of black silk cloth.

Black Wire Cloth is fixed as a consumable template. It plays a significant role in the development of society. The mechanical properties are good, and the side pressure is small. Directly observe the light weight of the casting process, convenient transportation and installation. Optimize the process, increase the shear interface to facilitate the ribbing and continuous lashing of the steel bars. Adapt to the segmental pouring concrete, construction civilization. Socket and The simple cutting operation and other features have become the building materials for modern construction.

When the concrete is poured behind the formwork, the relief corners on the mesh are embedded in the concrete to form a mechanical wedge that is attached to the adjacent cast block. The quality of the seams is strictly controlled. Black Wire Cloth's strength in bonding and shearing can be combined with good handling. In the case of secondary pouring, the process of punching, pulling, etc. can be eliminated, the construction period can be shortened, and the strength of the cast body is increased.

Black Wire Cloth

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