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[Razor wire supplier]Razor Barbed Wire

Jun. 15, 2019

Razor barbed wire shared by hot dipped galvanizing wire China.

Spray powder mainly acrylic  acid powder, polyester powder, etc.

Powder common colors are divided into: grass green, dark green.

Use of razor blade and rope: it is used for blocking protection of pasture boundary, railway and highway, and security protection of garden apartment, organ unit and frontier defense.

According to the device method is divided into :(snake belly) spiral blade barbed wire mesh, straight blade barbed wire mesh, flat blade barbed wire mesh, blade barbed wire welding mesh.

Blade rope can be divided into three types: spiral type, linear type and spiral penetration type.

Standards :BTO-10, BTO-15, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30

Packing: moisture-proof paper, woven bag strips, packing can be in accordance with customer requirements.

Galvanized gill net blade gill net is a new type of protective net. The product has a good deterrent effect, beautiful construction, convenient economy and practical features.

Razor Galvanized razor barbed

Product features:

Anti - corrosion, anti - aging, anti - sun, durability and other features. Methods of corrosion protection include electroplating, hot plating and plastic coating.

Galvanized razor barbed wire technology:

The blade gill net is made of hot dip galvanized steel plate or stainless steel sheet stamping sharp blade, high tension galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire as the core wire combination of the device. Because gill net shape is not easy to contact, so can reach excellent protection and barrier effect. The primary raw materials are galvanized and stainless steel plate.

Galvanized gill net blade gill net is mainly used for garden apartments, institutions, prisons, guard posts, border guards, etc. Razor wire is stinging welding the blade into a square hole in the diamond hole may gill net, if someone wants to climb over, mesh blade stinging blade sharp, hand can not hold, feet can't climb, determined to thwart across the protective wall, have very strong intimidation and blocking effect, is both beautiful and practical effect is remarkable. Straight razor wire from the blade type line gillnets with welding forming, can be used for window, high-speed guardrail, barrier gate. Construction agile, effective. There are many ways to set up the gill net of the blade, which can be selected and used in a quick way.

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