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Razor Barbed Wire, galvanized barbed wire price, wire rolling cage spot

Jun. 21, 2019

Razor Barbed Wire, galvanized barbed wire price, wire rolling cage spot

Galvanized barbed wire, plastic coated barbed wire, barbed wire fence net

Thistle is thorn rope of another kind of name, thorn rope is twisted by the thorn rope machine of full automation and become, folk is commonly known as thorn thorn, thorn wire, can be divided into single twist thorn rope, double twist thorn rope, positive and negative twist thorn rope.

Raw material: high quality low carbon steel wire (electric galvanized, hot dip galvanized, plastic coating, plastic spraying and other surface treatment), if you need plastic spraying, plastic coating has a variety of colors.

Rope classification:

According to the twist method classification: single thorn rope, double thorn rope, positive and negative twist thorn rope.

According to the exterior treatment classification: galvanized barbed wire, PVC package plastic barbed wire. Thorn rope to do the appearance treatment can greatly enhance the corrosion resistance of thorn rope, make its life longer.

Hot dipped galvanized wire mesh is galvanized, and can be divided into electric galvanized and hot dip galvanized;

PVC barbed wire is treated with PVC plastic package, and the barbed wire inside is black wire, electroplating wire or hot plating wire.

The use of barbed rope: used for cutting off and protecting pasture boundary, railway and highway, etc. Used in factories, private villas, the first floor of residential buildings, construction sites, Banks, prisons, printing factories, military machines, bungalows, low walls and other places to prevent theft, barrier, protection.

Galvanized barbed wire is a low carbon steel wire after electric galvanized, hot galvanized twisted into the equipment

Materials: low carbon steel wire after galvanized, hot dip galvanized, galvanized wire, hot dip galvanized wire

Reverse twist barbed wire

Knitting technology: twisted knitting

Use: used for industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, highway, railway, forest protection.

Wire barbed wire galvanized wire barbed wire price guteng wire rolling cage spot

Wire barbed rope has a good deterrent effect. Beautiful. Construction bento. Economic and practical and other excellent features.

Wire barbed wire is primarily used for garden apartments. Institutions. Prisons. Guard posts. Border guards, such as the circle ban protection. The gill net of the blade is composed of galvanized steel plate or stainless steel plate with sharp Angle and high tension steel wire as core wire. Because gill net shape is not easy to contact, so can reach excellent protection and barrier effect. The linear blade gill net is welded and formed by the linear blade gill net, which can be used for burglar-proof window, high-speed guardrail and barrier.

Wire barbed wire appearance processing: electroplating, hot plating, plastic spray, dip.

The primary use of wire barbed wire: prison, airport closure, private areas, military key areas, field fence, development zone barrier network application.

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