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[Wire mesh for sale]Wire mesh development trend

May. 29, 2019

Wire mesh development trend

Wire meshdevelopment trend

China's annual import of silk mesh volume has reached more than 1 million m, imported products mainly more than 270 mesh polyester mesh and nylon mesh. High tensile strength barbed wire with high technical content, high strength and low stretch screen, anti-static screen, calensing and other special processing screen and polyester high-mesh screen are imported.

Domestic polyester silk mesh and nylon silk mesh, there is a good market, polyester silk mesh and a small number of exports, but the type and specifications of domestic silk mesh is too little, high quality, high mesh number, wide mesh to be developed.

A new type of non-woven wire mesh has been developed abroad, which overcomes the trouble of coating photosensitive tape at the intersection of traditional wire mesh longitude and latitude. Modern advanced ultra-fine graphics screen printing, fine level screen printing, high-precision positioning screen printing, special ink quantitative screen printing and large color gradient screen printing, etc., have put forward higher requirements for the use of the screen: such as high strength, low elongation rate, repeatability, consistency, long service life; Such as printed electronic micro components, integrated circuits, multi-layer printed circuits, fluorescent digital display, space instrument flat panel display and other high-tech products; For example, some screen printing needs antistatic, metal treatment, physical, chemical treatment or special materials made of the screen.

High tensile strength barbed wire

The precision of printed circuit board and electronic parts is very obvious, and the precision of size and position is very high. The type of screen in addition to the past polyester, polyamide, stainless steel, and the emergence of a high tensile polyester core, polyamide core set of mesh yarn. Made of polypropylene ester fiber, 330 mesh mesh, line diameter and longitude for 23 micron, interweave for 36 micron, can get high tension, really is an epochy silk mesh. And, in order to meet the requirements of precision, these screen are plasma treatment, metal evaporation, polishing and other processing.

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