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[Razor wire fence for sale]Fence security blade gill net

Jun. 11, 2019

Fence security blade gill net

Fence anti-theft blade gill net is also known as a special anti-climbing blade barbed wire, stainless steel blade barbed wire rolling cage, generally called the blade barbed wire, razor wire fence.

Fence anti - theft blade gill net supplied by High Tensile Razor Wire factory (anti - climbing special blade barbed wire) advantages are high strength, rust and corrosion resistance to strong, is a new type of protective net.

Blade barbed wire by hot dip galvanized steel or stainless steel sheet stamping sharp blade, high tension galvanized steel wire or stainless steel wire as the core wire combination of the device. Because gill net shape is not easy to contact, so can reach excellent protection and barrier function, maintenance and separation function.

The primary raw materials of products are galvanized and stainless steel plate, high quality low carbon steel wire (galvanized, hot dip galvanized, coated plastic, plastic spray) wire.

Stainless steel blade barbed wire (blade barbed wire rolling cage) has beautiful, economic and practical, good resistance, construction bento and other excellent features. Now, the blade rope has been widely used in many countries of industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, prisons, military category of security equipment.

Plastic paint blade barbed wire is the plastic paint modified on the surface of the blade barbed wire processing method, is made of sheet knife barbed wire rope, through rust protection processing.

Plastic paint is often seen in the electrostatic modification method, can be fixed in the periphery of the blade barbed wire mesh, and then to conduct 200 degrees of heat treatment, so that plastic paint or powder coating adhesive in the blade barbed wire appearance. Make the outside of the blade rope has a good rust prevention effect, the outside processing is beautiful, and practical value is greater, the device is more convenient, high cost performance.

High Tensile Razor Wire factory

Plastic paint appearance look good all the texture, bonding strength is very strong, at the same time, more durable, coating processing up too long time, the first is rust corrosion protection is quite good, advantage is compressive ability is strong, it will improve the blade thorn rope net maintenance time, you can also use a different colour, cooperate with the color photograph all round. There are many kinds of colors of plastic paint, which can be reasonably allocated according to the environment of the site. The gill mesh is shaped like a steel sheet pressed into a blade, or a wire core. Because the blade rope shape is special, cannot touch easily, so can play very good.

Plastic spray blade barbed wire is also called plastic spray blade gill net, plastic coated blade barbed wire. Spray plastic blade barbed wire is the blade barbed wire production from the future, to carry out rust treatment. Spray plastic exterior treatment makes it have quite good anticorrosion ability, beautiful appearance, waterproof function, construction convenience, economical and practical characteristics.

Plastic spray blade barbed wire is a plastic powder spraying on the finished blade barbed wire on a surface treatment method. Plastic spray is what we often talk about electrostatic powder spraying, it is the use of electrostatic detonator to make plastic powder charged, adsorbed on the surface of barbed wire, and then through the baking of 180-220℃, so that the powder melt and adhere to the metal surface, surface plasticizing film appears flat or matte effect.

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