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Where to buy the warehouse platform grille board?

Jul. 26, 2019

Where to buy the warehouse platform grille board? Shared by Stainless Steel Wire Factory.

Barbed wire type is divided into: galvanizing galvanized barbed wire, hot dipped galvanized wire mesh, barbed wire, coated plastic double wire automatic barbed wire mesh machine wholesale barbed wire, blade barbed wire, nearly two years positive and negative twist barbed wire and single barbed wire market gradually expanded, production capacity has been increasing. According to the service life and cost requirements of customers to choose the price and surface treatment of barbed wire, general engineering projects are painted plastic barbed wire, strong and durable, low replacement frequency. Galvanized barbed wire and plastic coated barbed wire can make barbed wire mesh gelizha used as highway guardrail net, grassland fence, blade barbed wire with steel pipe support can make the knife roll cage, blade barbed wire used in Y type coating railing can be used in airport, detention center, factory workshop, blade thorn rope cross welding can be made into gill net, used as a barbed wire fence. The price of barbed wire grille is generally calculated according to the tonnage, each specification has the corresponding theoretical meters, can calculate the total demand of the project, convenient to control the purchase amount and cost, if you need to know the relevant content and price of barbed wire, please contact us!

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