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Galvanized mesh manufacturing process steps

Sep. 23, 2019

Wire type material, unlike general metal type products, it is now attributed to stainless steel crimped style wire mesh, which is fixed by special welding, which makes the material more stable and has a wide range of products, and produces a new fence. The film, what aspects of the process should be experienced, we are here, but also a comprehensive analysis and introduction.

In the first place, in the process of producing new steel bars , there is a need for multiple processes in demand planning and wholesale. It is necessary to promote this aspect faster and more securely. The first process is as follows: It is the basic preparation work. Barbed wire is currently used in coal mesh, mining, construction, aquaculture, glass factory, petroleum, hardware, petrochemical, construction machinery, protective net, barbecue net, handicraft net, food machinery net, cookware net, The wall can also be used for grading screening of solid materials, filtration of liquids and muds, and the like. Weaving and characteristics: first rolling and then knitting, two-way wave bending, tight bending, flat top bending, two-way bending, one-way wave bending, firm structure. The community fence mesh welded wire mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, aquaculture, construction, transportation, mining and so on. Such as machine guards, animal fences, flower fences, window guards, channel fences, poultry cages, egg baskets and home office food baskets, paper baskets and decorations. Barbed wire is mainly used for slow-moving infantry and vehicles, both fixed and mobile. The fixed wire mesh is constructed of barbed wood piles and iron wire; the mobile wire mesh is temporarily produced by the factory and transported to the battlefield for temporary installation. The diameter is 70-90 cm, the length is about 10 meters, and the setting speed is fast. High damage strength, can slow down the action of vehicles such as car armored vehicles. When it comes to barbed wire, people often think of special scenes such as battlefields, prisons, and borders. Indeed, once invented, barbed wire was widely used in military and defense projects; today, in peacetime, barbed wire is also widely used. Producing electro galvanized steel wire, it is necessary to have a more stable and rigorous process.

Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire

Hot dipped galvanized steel wire 

The primary meeting is that some basic construction preparation materials, including various new material structures, require stable steel bars and steel wire weaving to form steel keels. It is necessary to have a more reliable advantage and become a scientific application now. And multi-purpose substances, with more comprehensive and use of superior materials, the necessary substances, will also be our collection, new aspects, but also have a more comprehensive introduction. The electric fence fence of the community fence is made of high-quality low-carbon steel wire, and then cold-plated (electroplating), hot-plating, PVC coating and other surface passivation, plasticizing treatment, mesh surface smoothing, mesh uniformity, welding The point is firm, the local machining performance is good, stable, anti-corrosion and corrosion resistance.

The second is the forming and processing of galvanized steel mesh; in other respects, according to the drawings, including how to plan a suitable and used type of steel mesh, it is necessary and more stable, and In terms of the use of strength, according to the drawings, a suitable material for high-quality use will be planned, which will also promote the use of steel mesh, and more important aspects. Now a variety of classes, multiple types of substances, will also promote substances in the device faster.

The third is the surface anti-corrosion application; in the end, it is involved in the electro galvanizing steel wire, it is necessary to have surface anti-corrosion characteristics, it will also be more stable, comprehensive and stable, suitable for occasions, play more Apply the key to the role. Producing a suitable type of rebar type equipment will also have the advantage in this respect .

In general, in the future, a variety of types of equipment, planning and demand for a stable welded wire mesh welding and fixing aspects, constitute a more stable application, to help comprehensive and faster to understand the improvement of the production of welded wire mesh, in the future mass production In terms of diversity, the materials that are compatible with the steel wire structure will also be used more quickly and safely.


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