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How to prevent blackening of galvanized wire?

Jun. 03, 2019

How to prevent blackening of galvanized wire

Galvanized razor barbed wire line often blackened, affecting its appearance, in the process of galvanizing, how to avoid and prepare for this problem has been the research topic of experts. Note that the air, the magazines used to make the steel plates, and the hygiene of the construction workers all affect the zinc plating problem.

Some simple treatments can prevent blackening of galvanized steel sheets during the manufacturing process or extend the discoloration time, such as keeping the work area dry, reducing and eliminating chemicals, and wearing clean gloves. In addition, the hot dip zinc factory can be required to conduct passivation treatment after zinc dipping. The zinc treated by passivation has a better anti-discoloration effect and can effectively prolong the time of discoloration. The combination of the two can solve the problem of discoloration.

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