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Spiral blade gill net, gill net manufacturer, galvanized

Jun. 26, 2019

Spiral blade gill net, gill net manufacturer, galvanized

Blade barbed wire, Razor Barbed Wire), also known as the blade stinging, razor wire, is a new type of fence. Blade barbed wire has beautiful, economic and useful, good resistance, convenient construction and other excellent characteristics, now, blade barbed wire has been widely used in many countries of industrial and mining enterprises, garden apartments, border posts, military fields, prisons, detention centers, government buildings and other countries' security equipment. The blade gill net with plastic paint is formed by the protection and processing of rust after the manufacture of sheet knife-type barbed wire rope, the periphery of the blade gill net should have a good anti-rust effect, the peripheral processing should be beautiful, and can have good useful value, the installation is more convenient, more cost-effective and other advantages. Plastic paint blade barbed wire is a plastic paint coated on the blade barbed wire surface processing method. Measures for the electrostatic daub of plastic paint is often seen can be fixed on the periphery of the barbed wire or iron wire board, requires two baidu after heat treatment, make plastic paint or powder coating adhesive on the wire plate, these are painted plastic razor wire is commonly used in indoor boxes, plastic paint appearance look good overall quality, bonding strength is very strong, increasingly by the use together, not take too long time, coating processing up mainly anti-rust anti-corrosion effect is quite good, is better than the general information. Our company specializes in the production of various blade gill net, spiral blade gill net, single wire coil blade gill net (single spiral), welding blade diamond mesh and other blade gill net.

Product information: blade barbed wire brand: shengxun color: silver white/blue/green product features barbed wire is the barbed wire machine will be wound on the main wire (strands) above, through a variety of weaving technology from the barrier fence.

Razor Barbed Wire

Thorn rope of three kinds of twist plait method: twist, twist, twist forward and reverse.

Positive twist method: it is two pieces of wire or many pieces of wire twisted into double strands of wire rope and then barbed wire wound on the double strands of wire.

Reverse twist method: it is the first thorn wire wound on the main wire (that is, a single iron wire) after adding a wire and twisted into a twofold thorn rope.

Positive and negative twist method: is since the barbed wire winding main wire direction of the opposite direction twist plait. It's not twisted in one direction.

According to the appearance treatment classification: galvanized barbed wire, PVC package plastic barbed wire, aluminum alloy barbed wire. Do the reason of exterior treatment is to strengthen anticorrosion intensity, prolong service life. Zinc-zinced rope meaning surface treatment is galvanized, can be considered as electro galvanized wire and hot dip galvanizing;

Barbed wire guide is made by fully automatic barbed wire machine. Commonly known as iron briar. Types of finished products: single screw knitting and double screw knitting. High quality low carbon steel wire (electric galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic coated, plastic spray) wire, blue, green, yellow and other colors. Use: used for grassland boundary, railway, highway barrier protection, etc.

According to the twist method classification: single twist, double twist and the traditional twist method

Single twist traditional twist method according to the appearance of treatment classification: galvanized barbed wire, PVC package plastic barbed wire, aluminum package barbed wire. The reason to do the exterior treatment is to strengthen the anti-corrosion strength. Zinc-plated barbed wire treatment is galvanized, can be considered galvanizing and hot dip galvanizing.

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