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Precautions for galvanized steel wire

Sep. 07, 2019

Precautions for galvanized steel wire

However, we also need to pay attention to a lot when carrying out electro galvanized steel wire:

First, before galvanized to steel wire processing, not only can not have dirt, some defects can not exist, such as the location of the depression to think of a way to fill, so as to ensure the effect of galvanized.

Second, we must ensure that the steel wire galvanized layer evenly, so as to have uniform protection effect, the manufacturer said, so there is no problem with the use.

Due to the high elasticity of Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire, it is easy to cause danger if not paid attention to in the process of transportation. For example, if the fixed is not firm, it is easy to cause galvanized steel wire from the car, increase the probability of traffic accidents. Therefore, the following aspects must be paid attention to in the transportation process:

1. Shall not be placed flat or overlapped, shall not be subjected to collision, extrusion and any mechanical damage.

2. Protect from moisture and prolonged sun exposure.

Precautions for galvanized steel wire


3. The spring wire coil is not suitable for long distance movement.

4. Lifting machinery or special platform should be used for spring steel wire during loading and unloading.

The difference between galvanized iron wire and general iron wire is very big, general iron wire price is cheap, and because the iron is not very stable, easy to rust in wet places, so the stability is not very good, the life is not very long; The galvanized iron wire is coated with a layer of stable zinc on the outside of the iron wire. During the production of galvanized iron wire, the wire should be pickled.

Pickling is the use of acid mist or acid solution to clean the iron by removing oxides, rust, and other corrosive substances from the surface. Acid pickling should be very careful, acid has a strong corrosive, so how to add acid, must put the acid into the water, and is along the cylinder wall, can not be thrown down, so as not to cause splash.

In addition, Electro Galvanized Wire supplier here to remind the driver friends, the transport process should pay attention to obey the traffic rules oh.

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