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Why need to add galvanized wire mesh to the warm reflective layer?

Jul. 05, 2019

Galvanized wire - the reason for adding galvanized wire mesh to the reflective layer of floor heating shared by Galvanized Wire supplier.

Reasons for adding galvanized wire mesh on the reflective layer of floor heating:

A. Since the linear expansion direction of the horizon is uncertain in use after leveling, cracking of the horizon will be caused if there is no steel wire mesh.

B. Due to the fast heat conduction of metal, the steel wire mesh will make heat evenly and improve thermal efficiency. So it's very necessary.

C. Choose galvanized steel wire mesh although the cost is slightly higher, but can greatly increase the service life of steel wire mesh.

D. when fixing the floor heating pipes, fix them directly on the steel wire mesh, so as to avoid the nail damage to the insulation plate and reflection film, which directly affects the insulation effect.

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