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How To Choose The Filter Discs ?

Feb. 20, 2019

Steel is the normal metal used in filter disk. Stainless steel is more expensive but is fantastic material to prevent issues with rust. Filter Discs mesh varies from 10 to 500 or more—10 mesh is coarse; 40 to 60 mesh is intermediate, and 100 to 500mesh is a fine mesh.
Most Stainless Steel Filter Discs meshes have a simple square mesh weave in each direction. A Dutch weave has thicker wires in the horizontal direction and is specified by two numbers-for example, 24 x 100 mesh. 

How To Choose The Filter Discs ?

Dutch Plain Weave Wire Cloth allows fine filtration without requiring multiple thin screens in a screen pack.
Traditionally, filter discs are inserted with the coarsest mesh against the breaker plate and the finest mesh facing the screw. For example, the mesh arrangement from breaker plate to screw might be 40 mesh/60 mesh/80 mesh.

This construction keeps screens from breaking and “blowing” contamination through the breaker-plate holes.



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