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High-speed railway anti - climbing barbed | Razor barbed cage - iron barbed rope price

Jul. 03, 2019

High-speed railway anti - climbing barbed | Razor barbed cage - iron barbed rope price

High-speed railway anti-climbing barb | Razor stabbing and rolling cage | high-tensile steel wire barbed wire is used in the construction of high-speed railway essential protective mesh varieties, with metal mesh protection fence and concrete protection fence used in the top, high-speed railway anti-climbing barb | knife stabbing and rolling cage can effectively increase the height of railway fence protection, enhance the safety guarantee. Such as installed above the concrete fence welding mesh isolation grid manufacturers recommend the use of steel pipe support - commonly known as "soil" frame as every 3 meters, 1.59 meters as the column support tianjin plastic coated hook net, fixed on the encryption bracket with hot dip galvanized wire; Meet the installation height can not meet the design requirements, can use high hook wire mesh machine parts metal fence mesh to increase the height of protection and then increase the wire roller cage installation. High-speed railway anti-climbing barbed | Razor barbed roller cage relying on metal mesh plate fence frame steel pipe as a support, using hot dip galvanized wire binding fixed. Blade thorn rope, in accordance with the general line (2012) 8001 high-speed railway construction standard drawings production, stinging cage a stinging connection card or two circle diameter of 2.5 mm galvanized steel wire fixed on the metal transverse steel plate and transverse steel wire mesh, steel plate and horizontal wire at regular intervals, the same straight line direction between 80 cm buckle fixed a stinging roll cage, stinging cage installed circle diameter not less than 45 cm, join point spacing in a straight line to 20 cm, fixed to be hot dip galvanized steel wire and other processing, galvanized quantity 270 grams.

High-speed railway anti-climbing barb | razor barbed wire/razor wire manufacturer please consult wanhai mesh fence network factory, enthusiasm for you to provide metal mesh and stabbing price, preferential strength, timely supply, welcome to contact us at any time.

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