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All You Need To Know About Concertina Razor Wire

Feb. 28, 2019

Have you ever learned about Concertina Razor Wire? Well if you're planning to install it into your garden or the backyard area, be certain to learn more about various kinds and the ideal method to put in it.

This Razor Barbed Wire is a type of razor wire which comes in large coils and can easily expand just like concertina. It was previously used for military security purpose, however, nowadays it is used in road protection, agriculture, in homes and various other location.

Concertina Razor Wire

concertina razor wire can be coiled type or flat and it is further also categorized as single coil or Double Twist Barbed Wire. 

This really is a hot dipped galvanized steel plate which is included with strip procedures razor wire coils which could be extended in coil kind. Clips are normally not required in this type. These are crossed spirals of razor wire which are clipped together.
Here is a step by step installation guide that will help you with the installation of the wire.

If you want to know the more, you can find a professional Razor Barbed Wire factory in China, and we can give you the details.

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