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Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

Jan. 02, 2020

1 Galvanized welded wire mesh process:

The product uses high-quality low-carbon iron wire, and is formed by spot welding processing using automated, precise and accurate mechanical equipment. The surface is treated with zinc dipping process and conventional British standard production. The net surface is smooth and tidy, the structure is solid and uniform, and the overall performance is good. No looseness will occur even under pressure. It is the strongest anti-corrosion performance in the entire iron screen, and it is also one of the most widely used nets of the iron screen. The high-quality anti-corrosion makes it suitable for the breeding industry. Very popular.

Galvanized wire, smooth and tidy mesh surface, increases the look and feel, can play a certain decorative role, this feature also makes it perform in the mining industry, because the use of low-carbon high-quality materials as raw materials, make it The unique general iron screen does not have flexibility, which determines its plasticity during use, so it can be used for deep processing and manufacturing of hardware technology, approval of complex walls, underground leak-proof and crack-proof, light-weight mesh. This makes the cost much lower than the cost of iron screens, and it is more economical and affordable.

Galvanized welded wire mesh is welded with high-quality hot-dipped galvanized steel wire, and then passivated and plasticized, such as PVC coating, surface smoothing, smooth surface, uniform mesh, firm solder joints, Local machining performance is good, stable, anti-corrosion and anti-corrosion.

Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh

Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel Wire

2 Galvanized Welded Wire Mesh:

Galvanized welded wire mesh is divided into two types: electrogalvanized and hot-dip galvanized. Electrogalvanized is often referred to as cold galvanized technology. Cold galvanized is a welded wire mesh that has been derusted and shows no pollution and infiltration. On the cathode, the anode is zinc. The method of turning on the direct current power source, the zinc ions on the anode migrate to the cathode, and discharge on the cathode, so as to coat the welding net with a layer of zinc. The coating is relatively thin, generally within 5-30 microns, so the anti-corrosion time will be shorter; hot-dip galvanizing is to melt the zinc into a liquid and then immerse the base material in it, so that zinc will form an infiltration with the base material and combine It is very tight, and other impurities or defects are not easy to be left in the middle. It is similar to the two materials melting together at the plating part, and the thickness of the coating is large, which can reach 100 microns, so the corrosion resistance is high. The salt spray test is no problem for 96h, quite 10 years under normal circumstances.

3 galvanization process of welded wire mesh:

The hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh is welded first and then plated. The low-carbon steel wire with black wire is automatically welded and can be completed after galvanizing in the galvanizing plant. The hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh can generally be 0.03mm thick and has anti-corrosion ability Strong and long life.

Main uses of galvanized welded wire mesh:

Building wall insulation project (multiple wire diameter of 0.5-0.8mm, mesh size is 1.3 cm) hot-dip galvanized welded wire mesh.

Steel structure engineering (mesh: 5 * 5cm, wire diameter 0.5-1mm) width 1.2, 1 meter, 1.5.

Corn welded wire mesh is generally hot-dip galvanized, with long life and relatively low price.

4 galvanized welded wire mesh features and uses:

Galvanized welded wire mesh is welded with high-quality galvanized wire, which has more acid resistance, alkali resistance, firm welding, beautiful appearance, and wide use.

Weaving method:

Galvanized before weaving, weaving after galvanizing, hot galvanizing and cold galvanizing. It has strong anticorrosion and oxidation resistance.


Welded wire mesh is widely used in industry, agriculture, breeding, construction, transportation, mining and other aspects. Such as machine protection cover, animal and animal fence, flower and tree fence, window fence, aisle fence, poultry cage, egg basket and home office food basket, paper basket and decoration.

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